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Here at CMG Designs, we are committed to creating stunning visuals that enhance the ideas and dreams of small business owners and creatives. We know the importance of a defined brand and know how overwhelming it can be to translate incredible ideas into something that your every day client can relate to and understand. By using the latest in cutting edge technology and techniques, CMG Designs strives to be a one stop shop for you and your brand, whatever that brand may be.

Meet Claire Griffin

Founder & CEO

"I was afraid to create until I realized that beauty is found in the unknown."

Claire is a self-taught designer which has allowed her to tailor her skills to meet the needs of the creatives she works with. She found her passion for design and brand identity by working with other small business owners rooted in ingenuity, such as musicians, visual artists, and photographers in the Nashville area. 

Graphic Design | Web Design | Photography

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